Sunday, 21 July 2013

Subliminal Messages Are Everywhere!

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Mind-altering messages are everywhere - media, press, every-day pictures. The purpose of those is to implant certain pleasurable messages into your subconscious mind, associating them with products. Then out of nowhere you feel a need and pleasure for that particular product, have strange thoughts out of nowhere, or feel urgent need to buy/get something.

Documents and studies of mass subliminal manipulation and mind control:


  1. Stupid stupid stupid video.
    Its like a parody or something.
    He searches for the slight difference in shading and colors and added the word "sex", implying it would be good for EVERY Company to advertise sex.
    I've been searching, my kitchen-counter also has scary faces and also says sex, has a couple of penis and a few boobs as well.

    1. Moving images enter the conscious mind, still images enter the subconscious. Thats how it works. Look it up.