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Hello, My name is Kasim Khan and I am creator of EducateInspireChange. The about section you see below was written on the day I created the EducateInspireChange Facebook page - October 13th 2012. Since then we have amassed many thousands of fans around the world and are growing at a very fast rate.As a result of our rapid growth I decided to create this website as a free and open source social media site designed to educate and inspire. I AM 100% dedicated to running EducateInspireChange and I am confident that over time this organisation will grow with the help of you - our readers. I am eternally grateful for your support and I hope you enjoy browsing through this site.. Remember, ''Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.''

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Educate yourself. Inspire Others. Change the world.
If you feel strongly about something then do something about it. For too long we have been keeping our thoughts to ourselves and letting them serve no purpose. I no longer want to be someone who just observes , there are too many people in the world who just sit on the sidelines. I don't want to be on the sidelines anymore, so I am trying to do what I can to make a difference. Even if i am unsuccessful I will know that i have at least tried and even if my efforts inspire just one other person to try and make a difference then my efforts will not have been in vain. I think it was Bob Marley who said ,"The people who are trying to make this world worse aren't taking the day off. Why should I?"
All around us there is injustice and inequality. If people like me and you just observe this and think that we cant do anything then that's exactly what will happen - nothing. I cant let it be on my conscience anymore, even if all you can do is educate yourself better on these matters then that is a step in the right direction.
I want to create a forum for people where i can raise awareness of issues that are important to people and give people a voice that can actually be heard. Its important to educate people on the truth, we need to let people know what is actually happening around the world.
I will look to highlight issues which expose inequalities and injustices around the globe and look to gather a large group of people who can contribute to helping inform and educate others on these issues. Imagine the possibilities if we can get enough people who are well informed and passionate about making the world we live in a better place all striving for the same goal.
Education is the most important tool that people can use to change the world, and sadly the world is full of misguided and uneducated people. We need to change this. Remember it only takes the smallest of sparks to light the biggest fire. Start somewhere, lets make a difference.

All of my time is now taken up by raising awareness on world issues and looking to educate people around the world and inspire them into making positive changes in their lives. If you are able to make donations so that I can expand this project into making real positive change then please click the paypal link on the right of the screen. Thank you in advance.

Our Mission and Vision
'' We plan to create and achieve solutions to the world's current problems, we believe that reliance on individual responsibility and positive action is more effective than reliance on government policies and programs. Knowledge is the key, but in order to put knowledge to good use we must inspire eachother to ultimately change the world we live in. With education , inspiration and cooperation, people can take action to implement solutions in their daily lives which will be for the betterment of all people.
In order to secure a bright future for our children we must realise the limitless potential within each of us. We will look to unite the world under love and as one race, the human race .''


  1. Khan,

    Why don't you report on the UK? You aren't even American!

    1. I am Scottish you are correct, I report on world affairs but the majority of my audience is American and it also so happens America is central to a lot of what is happening in the worldd eg , Illegal Wars, Humanitarian crimes, Monsanto etc...However I do take on board your point and will try to cater for my U.K audience a bit more.

  2. Dear Kasim Khan,

    I appreciate and respect what you have created here. Keep up your great work.

  3. Thank you for your kind words. They are appreciated.

  4. I just discovered you today. I'm inspired already. Thank you!

  5. amazing job Khan, warms my hart every time i se a fellow human actually doing something about this. Do you have any ideas what people could do to help out this process even more? exept from educate yourself, inspire others, change the world.

  6. Khan thank you for the great platform you've created. Do you have any plans of an android and iOS app? If not would you be interested in some help?