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  1. Where is the JOIN button? All I see is this comment box, but no place to add my info.


    1. There should be a box where you can enter your email address and subscribe. If you cannot see this go to the home page and check on the right hand column, there is a box to enter your email there also.

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  3. My name is Steve Hine - I am a singer songwriter. Along with my brother Nate we have been at it for many years. In light of the worlds situation we have written a song in hopes of putting a message out to end the wars. The song is at final mix and we are hoping to get this out through social media - I have been a follower of your website and find it positive and enlightening. We would like the opportunity to release our song with your site. If this is a possibility I will send the final mix to you for approval. I am excited and know that the message will line up perfectly with your web site.


    Our FB page is The Hine Bothers - there you will find a song we did for the tragedies due to texting and driving and also a song we did for The cancer Awareness website. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best Regards,