Monday, 17 June 2013

First Marijuana Commerical Airs On T.V

This may have happened over 2 years ago, but did you know about it? A television station in California airs the first ad promoting medical marijuana.

The video:
 For the first time in American history, it seems, an advertisement promoting the use of medical marijuana has been aired on television. Paid for by Sacramento, CA-based CannaCare medical marijuana dispensary — owned by self-described "conservative Christian" Lanette Davies — the 30-second ad ran on a local Fox station and features patients (including Davies' teen daughter) testifying to the benefits of the plant. The word "marijuana," however, is never mentioned, and no one is show using the drug. "I'm not looking at getting people high," Davies has said. "I'm looking at getting them well."
The reaction:
 The ad is understandably "controversial,"says Tracy Murphy in CNN Newsroom, but so were "cigarette, condom and Viagra commercials" when they "first hit television."

1 comment:

  1. This man is Wrong!
    The US government has patented it (patent number 6630507)
    as an antioxidant & neuroprotectant.
    It's an herbal Medicine created by God!
    Something I wrote on my school books in the '70's...
    man made alcohol, God made marijuana; Who do You trust?
    That's a Very Easy question for me.
    I can't smoke it cuz it's illegal where I am -
    I live in constant pain that I was on several Dr. prescribed medications that made me zombie like, and are addictive; that I no longer take -
    That leaves me so few options -
    1. take OTC pills that will destroy my organs
    2. live in constant pain or
    3. go back to the Dr. and ask to be back on the handfuls of several various synthesized plant based pills.
    At this point, I've chosen 1 & 2 as the *least of these 3 evils* that are Legal options allowed me -
    That is also very wrong!