Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Message of Hope


  1. My eyes are open. I love the earth, plant, and animals. but I'm not powerful enough to be with the negativity of humanity. It's painful, stressful, and make me violent. I am at peace away from mankind, I feel the pain of other life forms. Example I live in a wooded area I feel the trees. Have you felt the vibrations of a tree when it is being cut down? Let me tell you it hurts. My neighbors cut a lot of his trees down in the late fall when the trees were sleeping, They still screamed. I have a hard time around humans. I'm always looking for like minded people but there are so few.

  2. This is a moving video. However, love will not stop the chemtrails from killing us, as we all stand holding hands. Love will not stop Monsanto from continuing their plan of globalization of our food. The Illuminati do not love anyone but themselves and their plan is to get rid of 90% of us, so love for them is foolish. Perhaps this video is simply to get us off guard while they continue their attacks on us.

  3. This video is not accessible in Germany. It is blocked by [UMG][1] because it supposedly contains UMG protected Music.

    If this is true, please consider using creative commons (or similar) licenced music. People do publish music freely (i.e. [FMA][2], [jamendo][3]) and it would be nice to have these artist be heard more and it is definatley worth it to support free culture!

    If this is not true please ask youtube to unblock this video. Blocking seems to work automatically and there are a lot of false positives. Censorship technology is sophisticated here ;-) no wonder America classify Germany together with China. [4]


    this is maybe looking more at the negative side of things, and associates paranoia (-; if they stop us from loving, they are already there... if we don't love, what's the use of staying alive? i assume to promote loving the wisest thing to do to save us from everything you mention. i have not seen the video though...