Sunday, 26 May 2013

NASA to Fund 3D-Printed Pizza Project

Though intended for providing food during long-term space travel, the creator of the printer hopes to it will alleviate food shortages by reducing waste. Once completed, the software will be open source.

With the goal of providing astronauts the means to create food during very long space journeys, NASA is looking into food printing.

They have issued a 6 month grant to Anjan Contractor of Systems & Materials Research Corporation to come up with a prototype printer.

His own Earthbound goals are to end global food shortages by using open source software for collaboration around the world.

Contractor would like to see a 3D food printer in every kitchen in the world and special food-making printer cartridges on every grocery shelf. 

If his vision becomes a reality, it could mean the end of food waste, as he'll design the cartridges to have a shelf life of 30 years. 

For now, however, NASA calls and the engineer is hard at work. His first project will be a pizza. It'll print in layers, with the crust simultaneously being printed and baking. 

Toppings and sauce will start off in powder form and be mixed with water and oil during the printing process.

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