Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Fukushima video everybody needs to watch

Fears are growing over the Fukushima nuclear disaster clean-up operation and how the operation could go horribly wrong, affecting Japan and large areas of the Northern Hemisphere.
THIS VIDEO is the latest in a wave of videos and alarming stories that are cropping up in the media.
Part of the problem with this disaster are the mixed signals being given by the Japanese government, and other governments around the world, and a number of experts who have been warning of the potential dangers.
Take 10 minutes to look at this video and try to make your own mind up as to whether there should be serious cause for concern, and whether an international response to help with the clean-up is needed.
THE VIDEO is a compilation, a brief overview that endeavors to cover the main points concerning this crisis. It briefly covers the 3 core meltdowns, the vulnerable and leaky water storage tanks, radiation health effects, contamination of the Pacific Ocean and marine life, Unit 4 collapse risk and Unit 4 fuel rod removal risk.
As the maker of the video says, the situation is ongoing and deteriorating, and it’s highly likely that it’s actually worse than presented here. This is only a basic outline of some key elements, which a video editor has compiled to try to present in a way that should be easily understood by everyone, particularly those who’ve not been following this crisis.

Fukushima: Beyond Urgent

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  1. Sadly, the Fukushima plant was blown up by small nukes in security cameras installed by an Israeli company.

    Here are some short text excerpts from Jim Stone's original .pdf. - photographic and other evidence that Fukushima was blown up by "gun-type" nuclear bombs hidden in recently installed security cameras.

    "Prior to this earthquake, Japan had offered to enrich uranium for Iran. And Israel . . . wasn't too happy about that. So, they immediately set up front companies masquerading as security companies, and one of these security companies got access to Fukushima and basically came in with thousand pound cameras that looked just like gun-type nuclear weapons, convinced the plant operators that they really were security cameras, got them in there, split, planted Stuxnet, and left."
    - Jim Stone, "Nuclear Sabotage at Fukushima"

    "Smoking gun proof reactor 4 was in cold shutdown when it "exploded":
    1. The jib the service crane hooks up to is attached to the dome.
    2. The bolts are removed.
    This dome is in the service area, as evidenced by the high-resolution photos. This reactor is obviously defueled, as stated by TEPCO." . . .
    - Jim Stone, "Nuclear Sabotage at Fukushima"

    "Even at meltdown, a boiling water reactor cannot go critical like a nuke and will not explode; it just melts. The blast at Fukushima #3, which Israeli firm Magna BSP "secured" with one of their cameras, bears a striking similarity
    to a nuclear weapon test."
    - Jim Stone, "Nuclear Sabotage at Fukushima"

    "So, when reviewing the seismic data for that supposed 9.0 . . . I knew there were three small simultaneous inland epicenters. . . . You don't have three epicenters on one quake. That just doesn't happen. And so, I knew right from
    the beginning that these quakes were artificially created. And I didn't know if Japan was doing nuclear tests and Israel got wind of them and started their operation based upon the timing that their intelligence said they are going to
    detonate these three nukes and try to hide it as a natural earthquake. I didn't know if Israel had gotten access to lava tubes and tunnels and gotten the nukes underground to set them off. So I wasn't saying anything . . ."
    - Jim Stone, "Nuclear Sabotage at Fukushima"

    And I'm sure you have seen David Icke's video about this subject (short bit at the end - text excerpt below):

    "The Rothschild family . . . were the force that led to the introduction of nuclear power. So now we have nuclear power stations all over the world which are *all* potentially catastrophic releases of radiation. And many of them are leaking [now] like a sieve anyway. . . . [The] Fukushima [plant] was blown up by small nuclear weapons, what are called "gun-type" nuclear weapons. . . It's interesting to note that Fukushima had a whole new "security and sensor" system put in . . . These bloody cameras that they put in, in the year before the explosion, they weighed 1,000 pounds! . . . The firm that put them in was an Israeli company . . ."

    The part on the Fukushima plant being blown up purposely is near the end of the video (hour 1:15:30).

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