Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Re-think your life

You can have your own personal beliefs but as a race we are never going to evolve until we beging to question everything.  We are in the midst of a revolution of consciousness and people are waking up. There is a real shift in energy on our planet but we need to turn this energy into positive action. I hope this video inspires you to be take better care of yourself and to be a better person.

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  1. Love the passion expressed by Joe Rogan and David Manukyan in this short film and I agree with almost all they has to say and share. But I lost interest and focus at 3:18 to 3:25... " look after your health with good protein" and showing the flesh of other sentient beings as an example of where to source....???? Human beings will never experience true love and compassion as long as they continue to believe that they need to murder and abuse any other being to get anything...let alone protein... I lost focus past this point and had to watch again to enjoy the rest of the offering..

  2. Chris - You're wrong on this. The mere fact that your brain was able to comprehend the video then make an argument is due to our ancestors eating animal protein. Our brains are as large as they are due to animal protein. There is a respectable way of gathering meat.