Sunday, 1 September 2013

Will Obama Listen to Congress?

Washington already has a lot of naval power on standby in the Mediterranean and that was even before Obama made it clear he wants to attack Syria. Congress says it will decide on whether to use this military might when it's back from its break on September 9th. Phyllis Bennis, director of the Institute for policy studies who's written extensively on the Middle East and the U.S. foreign policy joins RT studio.

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  1. Respectable Congress members
    Dear Americans
    as we are Syrian civilians who know better about the situation in Syria we would like to clarify some essential points to you, and then you have the decision to support this military intervention or to stand against it and participate in taking action to prevent it from happening:
    - First of all, Syrian authorities aren't the ones who used the chemical weapons, it's logically impossible. Al-Ghouta which is the place where the massacre occurred is very close to the capital Damascus, and it is located on a contact line with some elite Syrian ordinary army forces. and as everyone knows you can't have any guarantees of keeping the deadly influence of the chemical weapon in a specific geographical region without affecting it's surroundings.
    beside that, this massacre happened after only one day of the arrival of the UN inspectors.
    if the Syrian regime were to use chemical weapons, they would find for sure better conditions, a better site, and a better timing.
    they would hit somewhere in the north of Syria were the "terrorists" are totally ruling in some lands and villages. they would hit when there are no UN inspectors!
    - the second point, is that we must clarify how much the western media and the Saudi-Qatari media is forging the true image in Syria.
    regardless of the Regime, government, opposition, and everything about our political conflicts, everyone should know that we are nowadays witnessing a war between the Syrian army and the majority of Syrian people on one side, against the most extremist so called Islamic groups presented by Al-Qaida and it's tributaries, who are killing civilians, slaughtering Christians -which represent no less than 10% of Syrian community- and all the religious minorities -even if I disagree with the word minority-. those terrorists are doing their best to turn Syria to a new Talibani Afghanistan.
    and here comes an urgent question, why would the United States' government is fighting against terrorism in Afghanistan and Mali while the same US government is standing on the side of the exact same terrorists in Syria?!
    - and beside everything, and according to our understanding to the political structures of the middle east, we can assure you that any strike or military intervention will launch no less than a regional war, which will burn the whole regions including: Turkey,Israel,Iran, and the Arab Gulf, if not turned later into a world war
    and we can assure to you that this move will for sure THREATEN your own national security.
    - Dear Americans:
    if the United States were to military intervene in Syria, they would never ever be able to get out of the Syrian swamp.
    the majority of Syrian people will fight till death against any foreign forces attacking our country. and the international political balances then would harm the benefits of the US.
    Dear Americans, please do not send your soldiers and troops to die in Syria. why should we fight each other if we are all brothers in humanity, and our main goal is to keep peace and love.
    why would we fight each other when we should be on one side against terrorism and extremism, since your commercial towers where attacked by those terrorists in 2001, and till the moment when those same groups of terrorists are destroying our country Syria?!
    let's all be on one side with peace, and against terrorism.
    Dear Americans if you're about to hold your responsibility, prevent the military intervention in Syria!
    thank you all for reading. long life Syria. and long life American nation.

    1. I'm another who is very thankful of your comments. There are many many more out there who believe that this has been set up to give the green light to America and their allies to invade and draw Iran into conflict to prop up an ailing petro-dollar. I ran a "No War with Syria" rally in my home town of Whangarei on Saturday just past, this is a small town in the north of New Zealand. there are people out there who care and want intervention but not aggressive intervention from countries who have an ulterior motive to do so.
      Please have a look at this site to give you an idea of what many believe...

      May the world intervene peacefully to try and solve this humanitarian disaster.


      New Zealand

    2. Good on you Fawaz. I have replied further down as urlybird. Cheers,
      Gail Fay

  2. Fawaz Khaled - thank you so much for your comment. I have been wanting to hear from locals in Syria as our news seems rather one sided at times. I really appreciate you taking the time to put your thoughts down for the rest of us. Leanne in NZ.

  3. Fawaz Khaled. I hope you don't mind but I'm copying your letter and posting it on Facebook, in the hope that more people will understand and share this info. In my view, Obama has a secret agenda to strike Syria, regardless of public opinion & advice from congress. It is wrong that he should attack the Assad regime based on so-called "overwhelming evidence" unless he can produce this evidence. He is obviously ignoring several reports that rebels have claimed responsibility for discharging these chemical weapons. The mainstream media have remained silent about this news. If Obama goes ahead, there is more than innocent Syrian lives at risk. He will bring on a world war. He must be stopped.