Saturday, 17 August 2013

Shocking Video of Police Beating A Woman

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Two Quad Cities police officers attacked and beat a female shoplifter who was sitting in a store’s security office. 
Keep in mind the cops in the video are still on the job, after some unspecified disciplinary action.
Decide for yourself after watching the entire beating if these so-called men should be allowed to continue to wear a badge.
Just as concerning is the fact that her little girl was in the room for the beginning of the beating before a woman grabbed the child and took her out, but two other people were in the room, a woman and a man, neither of which tried to intervene and stop these two abusive cops.


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  1. funny what they'll do when they don't know theres a camera

  2. Shes a low life thief, who care what they do to her. I don't.

    1. that is until it happens to 1 of your family members. 2 wrongs dont make a right douchebag.

  3. Hello "Poppi", You're a low life too for making such a ignorant comment. Cops have no right nor jurisdiction for beating someone up for shoplifting. That's taking the law into your hands. Their only duty is to read this woman her rights, and arrest her and take her to jail. Punishment is decided by the judge in court, not this punk cop. I can't wait until some punk cop goes agro on your face, just because he doesn't like you, then MAYBE then you'll understand. This piece of dirt has no right to wear a badge and gun.

  4. they just passed laws stating if you annoy an officer he can arrest you and you can be charged with a felony