Saturday, 17 August 2013

Martial Law Is Coming - Time To Wake Up!

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  1. What are you prepared to do?

  2. Glad I don't live in America, although when the shit hits the fan, the world will get dragged into it. It appears that the majority of US citizens are sheep being led to slaughter. Are they in denial about what's happening under their noses? Or are they simply complacent? WAKE UP America. Before it's too late.

  3. I live in America and have been aware of the slippery slope for a couple of years now and the people I meet here don't want to talk about it. They are too busy trying to keep their finances together or get on the treadmill of trying to get another glimpse of the American Dream. They are disillusioned though and it is under the surface. Trouble is they often defend the rule makers and act like there's nothing to worry about, that those who are trying to warn them are alarmists. However there are also many who are ready to give up everything to remake America in a way that is the stuff of dreams - peace and equality for everyone. They see that there is no option because they don't want their children growing up in the quagmire. Hopefully there is enough of us and every day, the stark reality must be hitting home to the people who aren't awake. But we cannot wait for them. I'm not wasting any time with anyone anymore who doesn't get it from the start and rather direct my energies to those who reject this brutal system.

    1. yeah people are too busy worried about what sports team is winning to care about what's happening in their back yard. it's sad that people care more about sports; players they will never meet, players that don't give a rats ass about them than to even discuss the problems we have. oh and the youth they say only nerds care about that. the state has conditioned these kids to be idiots and they have succeeded. we are in very very bad shape. look at detroit and you will see just why it is so important for people to be prepared. detroit is the future of the usa. hide your guns hide your wife cause they will be coming for them.