Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Blunt Truth about The Travyon Martin Case

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Let's take a step back from this Jerry Springer circus side show and put the Travyon Martin Case into perspective.

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  1. It's Trayvon...pronounced Tray-von. Not Travyon...pronounced travy-on.

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  2. What do expect from the person so crazy that he believes there's a sinister intelligence at work here other than profit motive. It is about what will make media corporations money. It's called Capitalism, Baby.

  3. Other than the Travyon fauz pax, I do like the overall message of the video, the call to action about people deciding for themselves - but they won't. People work, come home from work, turn on the boob tube to relax. By and large, it's who we are as a country.

  4. I normally agree with Stormcloudsgathering but I disagree partly with this and most black people would tend to disagree, up to a point. You are right in that the media has used this to divide the already divided so there is nothing new here. What I am blatantly aware of is, if it weren't for the fact that the parents petitioned for an official police investigation this case would be but another where the life of a young black teenager is taken with no consequence. Racism is used by the media to distract the already conditioned racist whites and I have to say liberals are just as bad in their racist conditioning. Most white people, not all, but most always believe, because of conditioning, that black people are inferior. I don't blame them, it is all around us that black people are less than, even black people end up believing it. What is fueling wars is up to a point religion but most definitely race is a huge factor and until people begin to check their racist attitudes and to a lesser extent but still important sexist and homophobic attitudes there will never be any kind of revolution.

  5. Sadly you are revealing your ignorance to this issue. Here, you are one of many that the media circus has convinced this is a race issue. However, when we look at Zimmerman's personal history, it becomes obvious that race was never an issue with the shooting, that is right, race was added by black politicians, political groups, and the media. clearly you have been mislead because if you knew any information surrounding the two individuals you would have already known race had nothing to do with it. If Travyon was a white kid you woulnd't be spouting such ignorance, and yes racism goes both ways, but since it was a black kid there was no way he could have done anything wrong. How about this, look at the facts of the case, not the skin of the people involved. Once you do that you will be surprised to find that Zimmerman, a Hispanic man, was innocent and was protecting himself from a black kid who was bashing his head against the ground yelling "you're going to die tonight". To be honest Judy, your assumption that whites are racist IS racism, the fact that you rally behind color and not evidence or facts is saddening. Yes, I am a white person, however I can also think for myself. True, there is racism in law,to deny that would be equally ignorant, however that is easily discernible on the basis of evidence used in a case by case analysis. Also, I do know quite a few black people who disagree with you and side with Zimmerman; because they look at facts; because they can see the world beyond black and white. it saddens me to see that you would disagree with SCG because of your own racist outlook.

    Also, claiming that most white people believe that black people are inferior is offensive, false, and racist. Many white people do not believe that black people are inferior, that is actually a small minority of the white population. You need to stop projecting your racist attitudes on others and into situations where race isn't an issue.