Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Cincinnati Police Strip Search College Girl abuse of Power?

Please Remember these Police Officers knew the TV Cameras were Running & they acted this way.. Imagine what they are like when Nobody is Watching

Should This Girl Have Been Strip /Cavity Search over this ? What Exactly did She do Wrong? in my opinion This is an Abuse of Power by Cincinnati Police Officer Brent Eve & Michelle Ball and should Result in Disciplinary action.. including Retraining of the Officers involved & loss of Rank. Listen carefully at 
4:20 4:47 and the Comments/Tone of Voice at 5:14 a Police Officers Job is "keeping the Peace" it's not Discipline or Corporal Punishment of Citizens I believe this girl Being Arrested & Strip Searched was basically punitive .. Even the Courts Ruled Against the Officer. it was not "obstructing official business" reduced to a $105 Fine. 

Just before this Clip started Officer Eve makes several derogatory (will upload a more complete clip shortly) comments about college students "refusing to obey orders" "learn to show some respect" and already has a "chip on his shoulder" it's Premeditated

When he Arrives on Scene.. notice he asks one Male student "what school do you all go to? that student Replies...whe she hears "UC" She basically calls out "Ohio State" (like Ohio State Rocks - School Rivalry) He asked her a question ..Then immediately Accuses the Girl of "Lying to a Police Officer about what school she went to" How can you Lie.. when your never asked a question directly in the beginning? ... He is also speaking "Very Quickly.. Firing off several Questions " 

The Girl is doing her Best to Answer the Questions.. But she has had a few Drinks & is having a hard time understanding (She not trying to disrepect you Officer.. she sort of Drunk & it's not sinking in.) The Officer then decides to Send her to Jail Why? was she Violent? I've Seen Police Stops on TV where Drugs are found in a car (say 1oz) & the person simply gets a ticket The Girl is still confused .. why am I being arrested I'm 21yr old.. it's legal to be Drunk sitting on your own property.

She is Then placed in back of a Female Officer police car, Taken to Jail and "Strip Searched" Seriously? Women are already struggling with "equal rights" issues in Society - Officer Eve message was clear "I'm a Man.. I'm in charge here... and you are going to do as you are told." it's a total Power Trip. even the Female Officer Michelle Ball "yeah it won't be all good when they make you strip down" see 
4:20 & they goes off that with an attitute "running your mouth off.. that's what you get" the proof is in 4:47 & the attitute by both officers is unbelievable "if I don't her Yes Sir no Sir.. your going to Jail" it's an Abuse of Power.. 

The Police Officers both new in advance that being taken to jail would involve a Strip Search & I believe it was used as a punishment.. LET'S BE HONEST: I know she Pissed you off & you wanted to get your point across (notice how her Attitude Change once you handcuffed her) You could placed her in the back of the police car.. given her the old speech about going to Jail & the Strip Search Thing like you did.. written a ticket.. taken her out of the car & release her with a Ticket. But to drag the Girl to Jail over this & get Body Cavity Searched & Humiliating her-vs- The Tickets I've seen for Drugs in your Car .. or Open Container pour out.. warning.. it's Sadistic & Cruel.. 

Yes I Agree People should Respect Police Officers. but in Reality as a Public Servant there is a certain amount of B.S. Your Required to put up with before Escalating the Issue (Arresting someone, using Deadly Force etc) in light of the Recent U.S. Supreme Court (Florence v. Board of Chosen Freeholders) ruling has opened the Door to this type of Abuse... Jaywalking, Littering , talking back to a police officer? any excuse to "Send you to Jail" Strip search is OK .. "to protect others in Jail"

We Need a change in Laws that say .. individual Police officers Cannot Arrest (I mean send someone to Jail) for Silly stuff.. in Seattle a Man was Arrested for Photographing the inside of an ATM machine in a public place while guards were Servicing it.. because he wanted to see what it looked like inside (that's not illegal) Arrested, strip searched.. released 4hrs Later without being Charged.. Should Result in a $100,000 civil award & Officer being docked in Pay. Jails are to protect public NOT Public Punishment on a whim of an individual police officer.

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  1. Unfortunate? Yes. Abuse of power? Yes. The reason why punitive acts are worse than the crimes themselves? In my opinion, yes. Also, the cop was well within his right bc what she did is against the law..obstruction of official business in Ohio is impeding a cop conducting his duty..90 days misdemeanor..

  2. How come no one said anything when I was taken to valley street jail. Stripped and made to bend over and cough. You guys find the littlest things to whine about. At least she's getting a female officer. Jesus Christ... grow up... She fucked up. Then she disobeyed an order. Now I hate cops more than anything, but when they tell me to do something I do it rather than play the dumb blond and get arrested.

    1. Bend over and cough bitch. Do as I say because I am the law.. Your pussy is hanging out.. lol

  3. You do realized this is staged?

  4. they had no right to arrest her. the police are there to SERVE us. we pay their wages. in the UK if a police officer doesnt give you any viable reason to stop and search you, if they arent going to arrest you, then you can just turn around and walk away from them and ignore them. if this shit was in the UK that would never have happened. this is extremely fucked up.

  5. Gee, i wonder where miranda is at, probably out with friends since she was never brought up..

  6. Punk ass Barney Fife bitches.

    Really? You had nothing better to do than harass college students that were doing nothing wrong. Bravo. You must be so proud.

  7. When you have a system that benefits financially when people are arrested; Lawyers $$! Private Prisons $! Counseling $! Probation Officers $! Mental Test $! Drug Tests (Daily) ! Court Costs $!.

    You will never win against the system. If a COP ask for a BJ is a person (Man or Woman) suppose to comply. Understanding that the best thing to do is always provide basic information to a police officer but, as soon as they put on the cuffs. "I want a lawyer" and NOT ONE MORE WORD AFTER THAT; PERIOD !!!!!

  8. Seriously? That was a simple pat-down. NO strip-search & definitely NO cavity search. In the jail she might have received a strip-search, but in the county jail that I worked in for over 30 years, misdemeanor bookings were only patted down again and then allowed to change into their jail clothes. She should have kept her mouth shut and done as the Officer told her to do!