Thursday, 20 June 2013

World War 3 Has Already Begun

World war 3 has already begun. In this video we are going to prove it.

Research Links :

Lebanon now under attack by NATO backed insurgents:

Current Drills in Korea:

Dagger Brigade deploys in Africa:

U.S. Troops in Mali now:

U.S. to maintain a covert position in Afghanistan:

CIA now increasing operations in Iraq:

Russia Moves troops into Mediterranean

U.S. Moves troops into Mediterranean

Russia to deliver anti-aircraft missiles to Syria:

Increasing Resistance to U.S. influence in South America and China's rise in influence there: 

Syrian Rebels engaging in atrocities:

UK Quatar plot to frame Syria for Chemical weapons:

Rebels used poison gas: 

The Vatican calls for global government:

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  1. Yhanks for detailed explanation of what your title means. Only you could cover your statements adequately and completely. Cheers ...