Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Have You Heard of Earthing?

Heard of earthing yet? It's all the rage among people who want to be more energetic, clear, healthy and youthful. Place your feet on the sand or grass for 10-20 minutes. Simple as that.

The ideal location would be walking barefoot on the beach, close to or in the water, as sea water is a great conductor. A close second is grass covered in dew. Concrete is a good conductor as long as it hasn't been sealed. Dr. James Oschman, a top expert of biophysics energy medicine, claims that when bare feet connect with the ground, a transfer happens of free electrons from the earth through the skin. These electrons are the most powerful antioxidants known. Antioxidants help to ease inflammation along with helping to repair cell and tissue damage. Free electrons have a negative charge while free radicals have a positive charge. (One of the causes of cancer is free radical damage in your cells that harms your DNA and results in cells mutating into cancerous cells. Every chemical and toxin in your body causes free radical damage. Processed foods generate more free radicals than whole foods.) With the invention of rubber soled shoes, we have cut ourselves off from the earth's supply of free electrons. The feet contain an intricate and sensitive network of nerves and acupuncture points. Because of this, the feet are especially adept at picking up free electrons. Earthing benefits are Anti-aging Sound sleep Heightened clarity A calm nervous system Accelerated healing from injuries Enhanced immune system Reduced PMS symptoms Increased energy Reduction in inflammation Elimination of jet lag Protection against electromagnetic fields Cardiovascular health because earthing thins your blood and helps it flow easier. Also causes your blood pressure to drop.

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