Monday, 18 November 2013

[Watch] The Tragic Abuse of This AirForce Veteran

Air Force veteran Robin Temple has been through the ringer. Her story of her dealings with the government as well as the hand she’s been dealt in life is quite tragic. Her body is a mess.
She’s endured and describes in great detail a living Hell of substandard medical treatment, misdiagnosis and botched procedures. Included in her experiences are being comatose on life support, having a colostomy, a double mastectomy, two huge hernias, having a tumor on a supposedly previously removed ovary, her bladder being accidentally cut in half, intestinal damage, loss of half of her left kidney, a lumpectomy and the death of her lower abdominal muscles.
Ms. Temple also suffers from PTSD, and reveals claims that she was raped by a military superior and falsely imprisoned as a result of reporting it. She says she spent 115 days in solitary confinement in a mental hospital while being administered heavy doses of medication in order to attempt to force her to recant.
As we know there are usually two sides to every story, but fifty percent of what this lady has gone through is still 100% Hell. While this forum provides no opportunity to hear from her alleged rapist or the doctors involved, there is no denying the physical evidence of her body.
Her words are also very compelling. She is understandably bitter, and she has written a poem about her experience called “I’m not your soldier.” Make sure you listen to the end, it says it all.

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  1. Health coverage, but no terribly tragic. Is there no lawyer out there that would take on this story and help her? This is a haunting story and I wish someone would follow it to a happier ending. If I feel this powerless reading of it, how powerless must this lady feel living it?