Friday, 1 November 2013

Take 37 Seconds To See Why We Have An Absolutely Ridiculous Standard Of Beauty

Photoshop makes anything possible. Is anything real anymore? 


  1. It's a sick society we live in...truly is, America needs to grow up.

    1. I don't recall the video stating where this photo-shoot or the editing took place. Every modern society in the world is victim to this false standard. Prove me wrong.

  2. noone can prove you wrong for you are absolutely right, what u need to do is ask yourself why things are like this, what is the core reason, tendency that makes EVERYONE, behave in such a way.
    Let's do it mathematically, let us find the most common base denominators that are the same for every human living in a society that is not separated from the ''civilized'' world.
    1.Human -.- duh
    2.We need our basic needs met:,water
    b.shelter, we are social beings we cannot exist alone.
    3.Money, makes a,b and c, accessible. Not only that but within our society we are predisposed to the serious condition of needing a constant yet spacio-temorarely differentiating influx of money.

    Now go and Google money(in google scholar), psichology, sociology, philosophy, economics, countries.
    there ya go.