Monday, 18 November 2013

A Father Gives His Girls the Best Surprise Before Dying of Terminal Cancer

Cancer tears loving families apart, but even though he was losing his own battle to cancer, Fred Evans refused to let it steal one thing he has always wanted to do. Fred and his wife Karla have three daughters and a son. Two of the daughters weren’t married, but Fred did not want to miss out on walking them down the aisle.
So, he pulled together this heartwarming and tear-jerking surprise.

Sometimes, loved ones are taken from us too soon. Please share to spread this message of true, undying fatherly love.

A walk to remember: The father of four escorted his two emotional daughters to the altar, each to a different song, as Kate (left) and her sister wept 

Another surprise: Mr Evans stunned his wife by suggesting that they renew their marriage vows

Tears and smiles: The couple promised to love one another for the rest of their lives, and then sealed their vows with a kiss

Sad end: Shortly after the touching ceremony, Mr Evans passed away from cancer, surrounded by his family

Mrs Evans’ brother officiated the ceremony, which concluded with a tender kiss after the spouses promised to continue loving one another till death do them part.
Tragically, it happened all too soon: Mr Evans lost his battle with cancer on July 25, 2013.
The 62-yerar-old husband, father, grandfather and SCUBA diving enthusiast was remembered by people close to him for his boundless love of life and family.
On the eve of his memorial service, which was held August 2, his daughter Gracie tellingly wrote on her Facebook page that her dad did want attendees to wear black.
‘He wants this to be a celebration, not a mourning,’ she said.

Sources : Daily Mail,  Fotolanthropy

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