Friday, 11 October 2013

Doctor nearly loses leg after bite from U.K's most poisonus spider

'I'm lucky to still have my leg': Decorator suffers horrific wound inflicted by poisonous spider that is plaguing Britain
Ricki Whitmore was bitten by a false widow while decorating a classroom
-A&E doctors had to slice open the 39-year-old's leg and flush out poison
-Shocking images show how close he was to losing leg to common UK spider
-Warmer summers help population grow before they head indoors for winter

A decorator almost lost his leg and will have to learn to walk again after he suffered a horrific bite from Britain's most poisonous spider.
Ricki Whitmore, 39, was injured when he disturbed a nest of flesh-eating false widows while working at a school and will be off his feet for six months. 
Surgeons were forced to slice open his leg and flush out the venom after his thigh swelled to twice its normal size. 
Experts said today that 10million of the spiders - a cousin of the deadly black widow - could be swarming around Britain and heading into homes to escape the cold.

Mr Whitmore, from Romford in Essex, will now have to undergo six months of specialist physiotherapy and admitted: 'I am just lucky to still have my leg'.

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