Sunday, 20 October 2013

905 + FREE Survival eBooks

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You will simply not believe your eyes when you see this incredible collection of freely available knowledge. This is amazing. As the saying goes, “We’ve found the mother ship!” :)

This vault of 950+ ebooks is a true library of information that covers just about any off-grid / survival scenario that you could possibly think of, and a whole lot more besides.

Not only that, you can download the lot as a zipped file if you contact them and ask for it! There are actually nearly 3000 files if you include all the gun manuals.
Here are some of the subjects covered:
Disaster and emergency preparedness (including extreme weather, volcano, tsunami, fire, earthquake), in-home shelters, chemical emergencies, EMP, nuclear survival, military survival manuals, wilderness survival, dangerous plants and animals, self defense, communications, self sufficiency, medical and first aid, survival shelters (outdoor), fuel, water collection and purification, alternative energy including wind and solar, firemaking, cooking, food procuring, storage and preservation, recipes, gardening, soil testing, colloidal silver, building construction, emergency services, blacksmithing, knots, emergency planning, hunting, fishing, caching and hiding techniques, poultry breeding, bunkers, generators….. and so much more. 

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