Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Police Caught On Tape Planting Crack Cocaine To Frame A Business Owner

A shocking video is now making its way around the Internet.  The video involves a man who was under police suspicion for selling drugs, even though he wasn’t selling anything illegal.  The man, Donald Andrews Jr., ran a smoke shop in Schenectady County, New York.

Law enforcement officials in the area were suspicious of the man and regularly sent undercover officers to do surveillance on his store.   During one trip, an officer is caught in plain view of store cameras pulling out a small bit of crack cocaine and putting it on the counter when no one was looking.


  1. why is the first thing out of the black womans mouth that it was race related....when will they stop with the race card. it was not that he was black, he was running a smoke shop with inventory that can be used for drugs. smh

    1. You are absolutely right, but the police have no right or reason to harass this law abiding individual. His race should NOT be a variable when looking at the facts!

  2. NOT racial profiled. Nincompoops. Was framed period. No proof of racial profiling so lets put that to rest.

  3. What absolute BULLSHIT!! They (so-called police) are not able to find anything illegal about this mans operation, so they blatantly attempt to frame him?? And it seems odd that more and more citizens DO NOT trust law enforcement?? The lady trying to make this about race, however, is just as bad! Knock it off with that shit already!! It does more HARM than good!!

  4. racism exists and racial profiling is something that is still very much in existence or have we forgotten what happened to Trayvon Martin regardless of the verdict consider the facts of the case. how about all the other racially motivated crimes that Black American persons have been exposed to. yes i do agree ideally that in this day and age that from a group that was 'previously' oppressed such lamentations shouldn't exist, but that not the case. it is however definitely insensitive and darn right ignorant to spark that its a 'race card' that black persons use, as to suggest that there's some sort of benefits that comes with it. The truth is that no person wants to live under constant fear that they will be victimized by the state or by private persons due to their gender, race, sexual orientation etc, but this does happen. i do realize why the woman would offer such a statement given the history and current situation of the country. socio-political issues of the country should be seriously addressed and that's continued conversation on race and to host workshops on the issue of race and how to begin to seriously deconstruct this social ill.