Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Guess Who's Exempt From Obamacare

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Congress exempting itself from Obamacare 

White House Spokesman Refuses To Answer Whether Obama Supports Congress Being Exempt From ObamaCare

Senators, representatives, and their top aides will be able to stay under the current subsidized health care system.
That means they will continue to get a taxpayer-funded contribution to help pay for their health care premiums.
A last-minute deal worked out before Congress went on their five-week summer vacation gets lawmakers out of the original language of Obamacare, which said members and their aides had to use its health care plans.
Republicans like Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana slammed the move, calling it a "behind-closed-doors deal, announced right after Congress is safely away from the crime scene."
"This is exactly why America rightly hates Washington," Vitter charged. "Obamacare's a train wreck, even for Congress. So it gets fixed -- for Congress only. What the flip about fixing it for America?"
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  1. http://www.factcheck.org/2013/05/congress-and-an-exemption-from-obamacare/

  2. "The SKY is falling ! The SKY is falling !" We have become so gullible and reactive as a Nation, to believe that EVERYTHING we see through the news media and Internet is FACT? This is NOT Entertainment, it is a ruse, a folly. Through fear, racial and bigoted attacks on most everything today, we continue to be 'divicive' NOT decisive. We now "Market Agendas" to make people 'hate blue' as we find new and novel ways to 'sell red'
    It is a good thing that we ALL have the ability to 'Stir the pot'. One must stir diligently, slowly... with patience. With aggressive agitation, so much slops out of the pot, we leave not enough to feast on and spend resources cleaning up the mess.
    So, I ask you....who really profits on all this nonsense