Saturday, 13 July 2013

"The Galaxy Guides Us Home" - AstroPhotograph

"The Galaxy Guides Us Home"

I think this might be my favorite new AstroPhotograph I have taken. I have been trying to achieve this shot for a long time now. The hardest part of the process, was finding a road that not only was in area of complete and total darkness, but a road where I could take a panorama and not be bothered by car headlights. It was also a challenge to find a road pointing in the perfect direction to be completely symmetrical with the shape and bend of the Milky Way.

The image was taken on Armour Ranch RD off the 154 Freeway near Santa Ynez, California. This area is completely underrated and unrecognized for stargazing and galaxy watching. Some of the people who live there do not even realize the gems that the sky above them hold come nightfall.

The panorama is composed of 12 images taken side by side, with 2 rows of 6. This was done to achieve the very wide perspective that you are seeing in the photograph. The image represents over 180 degrees in our field of vision. Some minor color correction, noise reduction, and contrast have been applied to the photo; no other heavy manipulation or Photoshop has been done to alter this image.

You can view the higher resolution image here

I really appreciate you guys taking the time to view my image and read my description. Please feel free to share the image if you enjoy it!

EXIF: 20SEC F/2.8 ISO6400
Canon 6D, Sigma 20MM F/1.8

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  1. Thank you for letting us appreciate this wonderful view and for allowing to share it freely!

  2. This is an AWESOME photo! Thanks for taking the time and energy to create it for us! God is a beautiful artist and you do His creation justice. God Bless