Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Fluoride Spill Eats Holes In Concrete - Rock Island, Illinois

This is a mainstream news story about a fluoride spill at a Rock Island, Illinois water treatment plant where the fluoride was actually EATING HOLES in the concrete. But no worries - the spill was cleaned up and the fluoride CONTINUES to be added to the water supply. GO BACK TO SLEEP - NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!

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  1. And they put this crap in our water , ugh

  2. It was Hydrofluorosilicic Acid. Also known as Hexaflurosilicic Acid. It is used in a THREE step chemical reaction to eventually add Fluoride to Water.


    Even the video has the reporter saying the above chemical as what was spilled.

    So try learning some Chemistry before scaring people with bullshit.

    Like, "Water contains Hydrogen! And Oxygen! We are all gonna erupt in flames!". Lame.