Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Leader of the Coming Revolution

Right now there are a lot of people looking for a revolutionary leader; they are looking for someone to step up and organize a resistance against the government and the bankers. This is creating a vacuum of power. One that could be filled by someone who doesn't have your best interests at heart.


  1. People get pissed off when I speak. I have cussed out every rank from E-1 to O-6, and I got out with my Good Cookie. I am honest, to a fault, even when it it is self diminishing. I am somewhat odd, but pretty much... I do good things, for good people. My track record also includes doing bad things to bad people. I am a pacifist, who loves a good fight, but hates hurting people.

    I am a musician, not a great one, but I do my best. I am a retires, disabled, US Marine. I don't agree with a lot of the things I hear and read nowadays, as most of it is fabricated bullshit. I do believe in honesty, strength, honor, and obligation. Unfortunately, these qualities have not much place in society, so I am branded as unable to work.

    I'm just a broke dick Corporal who joined the military for medical insurance for my unborn child. I don't like aggression. I'm just... well... fluent in it. I believe common sense, and the ability to ascertain to be far superior qualities in an individual than accumulated knowledge. Wisdom, and intelligence, I feel, are more valuable together, than any amount of observation can appeal to.

    I am not a militant. I do not own weapons. I do not run around flashing my ass at everyone. I stand up and speak my mind when needed, for the benefit of those observing. I cuss out cops, rebuke assholes in public, dress down other servants of law and order when they represent that which is not ordinate.

    Some times, it gets me into trouble, but, for the most part, what I say and do is enough to allow for accommodation. I make good choices, without regards for my own safety or policy. I believe in promoting pure expression, otherwise known as, "Personal Truth," in all expressions.

    I am not a spring chicken, or a wizened oak, nor am I a part of any of any political circles. I help, whenever, wherever, I can. It's just what I do.

    If you want a perspective, just ask questions. The perspective can change, according to the questions asked. Depending on perspective and question, the answers are subject to change drastically. ;)

  2. Sounds like me as well, except that I was an Army Captain and am a mediocre painter since I have no musical talent. The rest I could have written about me.

  3. good job! as a longtime nonviolent activist I appreciate the contents and share your mission... swaraj revolution... "Although the word "Swaraj" means self-rule, Gandhi gave it the content of an integral revolution that encompasses all spheres of life. "At the individual level Swaraj is vitally connected with the capacity for dispassionate self-assessment, ceaseless self-purification and growing self-reliance". Politically swaraj is self-government and not good government (for Gandhi, good government is no substitute for self-government) and it means a continuous effort to be independent of government control, whether it is foreign government or whether it is national. In other words, it is sovereignty of the people based on pure moral authority." (