Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Girl Who Silenced The World

The highest rated officials in the world held a U.N meeting where a girl made them silent for five minutes with this mind blowing speech.

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  1. The world is survival of the fittest. The strongest, wealthiest, and most successful go on to live the comfortable life...while poor families or people not blessed with being born into a trust fund suffer daily...starve...struggle to supply for their children because if the inflation the "UPPER" class forces down on the "LOWER" class...the amount of people that care about the world are over shadowed monstrously by the people that are out for their own. Who can blame them? You live one time...for an unknown amount of time...why not take advantage of EVERY opportunity and sucker in life until you make it or break it? One life...millions of opportunities... Do what you can with what your given...some people choose to spend their time trying to be the conservative... Be a "Hippy"...others choose to take the road of wealth..subterfuge..and power. In taking either of these roads we make decisions that will eventually lead to not making much of a damn bit a your life...let people live theirs...the world goes on till it stops...and when it stops...well...I guess that's the end of the story.