Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Beginning of The 2nd American Revolution

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  1. In my 55 years of life I have come to conclude that we have two enemies.

    1. An injust government and their employees. and

    2. People who only care about "them" and these pathetic people don't even give a crap about their own kids; "my child can make a choice once she is on her own" (Slavery ? I ask one of my relatives this that's his response; pathetic !)

    1. hmm sounds to me like you fit the second one of these. complaining about government employees: teachers, police, fire fighter, highway workers. all i really hear you say is you want something for free. you want government workers to work for less the private sector workers! opps they already do most highway workers make 10 less an hour then they did in private sector. look at the cost or private school and colleges. then look at what they actually have going for them. no counseling programs to help handicapped people unless you pay almost 3 times as public school. why are so many people handicapped now a days? because we didn't have big government controlling corporate America. in which we still dont because most politicians are bought and paid for by rich companies. and cooperate America dumped cyanide and other bad chemicals in to the water system or grounds. drug companies were given free reign with out controls. but you must be one of the mentally handicapped to blame it on the people and not the true cyst on the people big oil drug companies paper companies and many more. battery companies dumped cyanide in lakes all over the country but most people don't know or have a clue