Sunday, 16 June 2013

Stunning Technology Makes Troops Invisible

CNN's Chris Lawrence takes a look at technology that aims to camouflage people in the military.

The U.S. military is backing the development of camouflage fabrics that could one day make their soldiers completely invisible, it has been claimed.
The so-called 'Quantum Stealth' camouflage material is said to render its wearers completely invisible by bending light waves around them.
Its makers claim the material, which is in effect similar to the invisibility cloak worn by Harry Potter, can even fool night-vision goggles.


  1. Why do they need to use it to fight people, how about helping people...that works, lol x

  2. Investments in military is a barren one eating tax money only, and making profits for military industrial complex. So to rise the investments, spending must be provoked making wars. What else do You want?