Sunday, 19 May 2013

Film The Police. It's Your Right

Shocking footage of Police Brutality. Please share.

*Warning - Some footage my be found to be disturbing*

PART 2 Even more Shocking Footage!!

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  1. Hope you snagged a copy of this vid, since the All-Seeing Eye obviously didn't like it.

  2. I have never felt a greater impulse to take horrible reckoning than I do after watching these videos. These officers do not deserve the protections that putting that badge on is supposed to give. The system that excuses this behavior deserves to be ripped apart with extreme prodigious. There is no excuse. These deplorable actions need to end one way or another.

  3. I swear to whatever god exists that I will not stand by and watch police beat or abuse anyone. I swear I will defend that person and insight any crowd to jump in as well. I swear the Police that abuse someone in front of me will not be safe. They better get their shit together because the public is not going to take it anymore and we don't give a shit about what a court says because the courts legitimacy is only enforced by it's willingness to uphold real justice.