Tuesday, 21 May 2013

America is NOT the greatest country in the world, but it CAN be

This is a must , must share video. Take 3 and a half minutes to watch and find out why.


  1. The longer version is even better.

    1. Where can I find the longer version? I love this!

  2. The problem I have with this video is that is suggests that we "used to be the good guys".

    When? I cannot think of any example or point in history when the US ever had integrity or high standards.

    Our inception we began with only rich white landowners having access to freedom. Women, the poor, and minorities and the aboriginals were both killed and severely oppressed. Segregation only ended a few decades ago.

    In the early 1900's we began a Eugenics program that went on for decades. Hitler gave it a bad name in WWII having been inspired by the work of Britain, Israeli and American eugenicists. The Nazis were sent from Germany to the US after the war to continue their "scientific research" where Eugenics later became "environmentalism" with several intentions namely to create a docile and apathetic people, make big pharma rich, and kill off the rest. Slowly and inconspicuously. Now this has gone global for a much desired NWO that will enslave the world.

    Five presidents were assassinated by the British who demanded a central bank which later became the federal reserve in 1913. The IRS was created after that to continue being enslaved to Great Britain paying taxes to them through our 1040. And we still pay taxes to Britain today.

    War? When have we ever been war-free? Ever? Mostly false-flags too. For decades, we have had our military in numerous countries for no reason.

    We gloss over and romanticize the 80's and there you have got the Iran-contra, Reagan sending our jobs overseas and throwing mental patients into the streets in CA. He started the class wars and began attempting the rid of the middle class with Reaganomics. Clinton came along sending more jobs away from the US, he's an alleged murderer to those who have publicly outed him, signed NAFTA, and bombed three countries. Oh I forgot Bush sr. and jr. and the Iraq BS. During the Cold War, we trained and funded what we call today "Al Queda" - which is a group that never even existed!! Britain began the Palestinian oppression and now the Americans continue it having sent Israel blank checks for decades. The axis of evil have always been Britain, Israel, and the US.

    The financial collapse before Obama was "elected" was a sham. Look what it did to us and the world? But it falls right into the Agenda 21 plan very very well.

    Our constitution? What constitution? We're not even a party to it. You cannot sue the government. Nothing was signed. It's an illusion. Tell me a time when all of the amendments were respected? The only agreement was on taxes. That's it. But we rebelled like crazy with the whiskey rebellion before that. We never liked taxes. We shouldn't as we don't get to approve of where our money or how our money is being spent.

    The US only went from sadistic to horrible to not as horrible to moderately horrible then to very horrible and now sadistically horrible. And not too many people know that we are still a colony to Great Britain. There is no income tax. It goes overseas. We belong to Britain. Not too many know of this shadow government. America is a puppet. And instead of Americans focusing on the real issues, we bicker with one another over pettiness and that is how TPTB get away LITERALLY with murder and tyranny. They are brilliant. Every month they give us something new to quarrel with one another about because... divide and conquer. We're goin' down, baby.

    That's unless we decide to unite and forget our silly differences. But right now, we are weak and vulnerable. I warned people for the longest time that we're going to pay for our petty wars. And I don't want to be right.

    P.S. Why MUST there be a "greatest country". I believe there are only preferences, but I don't believe in national competition for a "number one" as if it were some sort of sport. Just my opinion, though.

    1. WOW. I loved the video but you are right Bugamartini. End the Fed, End Monsanto, End the I.R.S., That's the battle cry of the 21st century. So... how do we do it. Riot?, March?, Labor Strike?. That's the problem. We are divided. What is it gonna take to get every one to put down their petty differences and to stand together, to cry out in one voice, "We will not be oppressed, we are not a herd to fed upon by wolves, we want our freedom"? I'm afraid I don't wanna know the answer to that.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking when watching it... all those ideals were still pipe dreams of the american dreamers; we have never been free, never been free of tyranny, never been equal, always screwed over the poor and allowed the poor to stay down, always put money over the right thing to do, enhanced greed, been in a war all through our tenure, and more and more... I like the rant in the video,
      but the references were unfounded and refers to facts not in evidence. Motion for dismissal...

  3. Hit them where it hurts, right in the pocket! Get debt free. Only bank at local credit unions. Get healthy. Eat real food. turn that damned T.V. off! Stop bickering about politics, you're just sheep to them. Exercise you 2nd amendment rights. Eat locally grown produce. Vote out bad laws, locally and nationally. Learn to think for yourself. I can go on and on!